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Mobility is a matter of behaviour and of means, infrastructure and networks. The good design and integration of these results in more fluid and more efficient mobility that meets the needs of the greatest number of people.

TracToZero enables the design and integration of parking supply, network connections, accessibility, mobility infrastructure (as logistical hubs) and refuelling infrastructure for a region or site.

Greater Springfield: The Journey Roadmap

The city of Springfield in Australia wanted to improve lives and provide a better living and working environment by investing in ‘renewables and services’ and creating an environment that promotes green mobility.

TracToZero helped the city design an integrated mobility masterplan to support a strategy to reach zero carbon mobility by:

  • Assessing global accessibility
  • Working on multimodal mobility
  • Proposing a digital mobility approach
  • Designing mobility networks
  • Co-ordinating mobility with urban planning
  • Sizing and integrating green mobility solutions in city planning