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Efficient mobility requires good coordination both by mode and also according to a multi- and intermodal vision. Beyond means and infrastructure, the way mobility is operated is an important lever for green mobility.

TracToZero solutions take into account operating plans, organising bus routes and rotations, logistics hubs and more. It also considers new mobility solutions, such as shared vehicles, mobility-as-a-service and free-floating two-wheels vehicles.

Sustainable mobility study for the OCP in Morocco

The OCP (Office Chérifien du Phosphate) wanted to develop green mobility to, from and within production industrial sites. TracToZero defined and provided a mobility solution for creating a green shuttle network and operating it.
TracToZero provides support through:

  • Asset optimisation and transport optimisation
  • Fleet decarbonisation analysis
  • Mutualisation of transport services
  • Sizing of the future green shuttle and related infrastructures
  • CAPEX/OPEX analysis
  • Business model definition.