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With new mobile energies, the supply chain must be reconsidered. For each type of energy, the challenge is sizing and locating infrastructure to meet needs, including on public roads, in public and private places, at home and in businesses.

TracToZero allows the infrastructure need to be calculated correctly, taking into account mobility needs, land, production capacities and user types.

Paris: Sizing and Locating the Network of Charging Stations

When positioning themselves to operate the city of Paris’ future charging station network, to size this network Engie and RATP needed to identify future needs. TracToZero’s integrated approach (mobility, energy, infrastructure) allowed them to understand needs and identify the optimal location of the future network:

  • A multimodal and socio-economic analysis
  • The development of a spatial model for potential demand over 2030
  • Analysis by user segment (residents, workers, taxis, buses, etc.)
  • Calculation model taking into account legislation and changes in EV penetration rate in the local context
  • Identification of the number, type and location of network terminals
  • Identification of energy demand and load curves
  • CAPEX and OPEX results.