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Based on the socio-economic data of a region or company and an analysis of the demand for mobility, TracToZero defines the optimal number of recharging points needed for each energy vector (including electricity, hydrogen and CNG).

To define future needs, TracToZero considers how needs are expected to evolve over time and, if needed, the size of the region.

Rugeley: Transforming a Coal Power Plant Site into an Innovative Eco-district

Engie closed the Rugeley coal power plant in 2016 and has now embarked on a journey to regenerate the site. The company has developed an integrated energy and mobility masterplan to transform the site into an exemplary and highly attractive eco-district. TracToZero developed the refuelling infrastructure strategy for the future eco-district through:

  • Multimodal analysis
  • Creating shared mobility strategy
  • Developing objectives
  • Traffic generation based on local mobility patterns and needs
  • Calculating parking demand
  • Calculating mobility energy demand (# of kms, ratio per energy)
  • Sizing related infrastructure.