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Based on the mobility analysis of your company's vehicles, the TracToZero approach allows to find the optimized location of your bus depot, warehouse, company, office. TracToZero develops different scenarios that consider needs and objectives in terms of environmental impact, journey time and cost (OPEX + CAPEX).

The TracToZero Employees Mobility Analysis webapplication assesses the origin and destination of all company movements for the home-work transportation modes. It also identifies where sites should be located to optimize company mobility for both commuting and service trips and suggests ways to make mobility more sustainable.

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Want to make scenario's of opening/closing office based on employee’s mobility, access to the webapplication:

Tractebel Belgium Moves Location

When Tractebel Belgium needed to move to a new location in 2017, TracToZero allowed the company to determine the best office location for each employee based on travel time, mode and accessibility. In addition, TracToZero helped Tractebel identify a new location to reduce the commuting time of more than 100 employees.

For Tractebel, the TracToZero analysis:

  • Saved 15 minutes of travel time for each employee
  • Achieved mobility decarbonisation through a modal shift resulting from a new location close to the main station
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 20%
  • Cut costs through a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and a reduction in the number of parking spaces.