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The energy revolution for mobility requires a response adapted to the needs of end users. This question must, beyond the cost of new vehicles, consider the evolution of needs, technological evolutions and environmental strategies.

TracToZero considers usage and behavior along with operational constraints, regional characteristics, energy production capacities and cost.

Florianópolis: Public Transport and Low-carbon Bus Technology

Based on the integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the metropolitan area of Florianópolis, the project foresaw a gradual renewal of the bus fleet, partly by introducing clean technologies for buses through:

  • Site inspections of routes considered the most suitable for introducing the recommended low-carbon bus technology options
  • An inventory of low-carbon bus technology options (e.g. full-electric buses, plug-in hybrid electric buses, biogas fuelled propulsion technologies) along with associated options for energy supply and infrastructure technologies
  • An elaboration of the qualitative advantages and disadvantages and risks of each low-carbon technology option
  • Recommendations on promising low-carbon bus technology options within a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis.